Tanvir Mahade (IT Consultant)

Tanvir Mahade is a tech entrepreneur, Engineer & Experienced IT and Business consultant with over 13+ years of experience specializing in the Technical Sector Brand Development, and Online marketing. Highly recognized entrepreneur, Startup Mentor, and Angel Investor. Tanvir Mahade has founded and managed several Software, E-commerce, Online Marketing, and SAAS companies. He has 7+ Years of Expertise In the development of the E-commerce business worldwide. He worked with OTT Platform for over 3 years and also Launched an OTT and Media Services for Local and international markets. He is an expert in the R & D and planning sector, Business Automation using Advance Technology. He is involved in many social activities as well as business. he loves to invent and present new business ideas. he always wants to gift something special to society and country beyond the typical concept. He is a person who is open-minded, peaceful, and kindhearted. His friends describe him as a fun-loving and intellectual person with a sound progressive mentality. He was, meanwhile, strongly tied to his culture and roots. a person who is eager and has an entrepreneurial attitude He is constantly attempting to learn new skills in order to stay up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. He volunteers with a few nonprofit charitable organizations and has a soft corner for the poor and vulnerable. Humor, interpersonal skills, respect for culture, staying healthy, and the freedom to think outside the box are among his top priorities. Tanvir Mahade works full-time and on a contractual basis for local and international organizations to help them expand their operations. As an Advisor/Consultant, you will find him to be a valuable asset to any organization. Expert Area Of Consultancy : ◙ IT Infrastructure Development, Dynamic Website Development. ◙ Data-Driven Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. ◙ Advance SEO, SEM, PPC, GTM, G4A, Google Analytics. ◙ UI/UX, Web and App Design, Brand Identity, Motion graphics. ◙ Advance Lead Generation, Sales Funnel, Data Engineering. ◙ E-commerce Strategies, Supply chain Management. ◙ Business Consultancy, IT Consultancy, Business Strategy. Join with FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/tanvirmahade.info Visit : www.tanvirmahade.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanvir-mahadi-179558ab Connect with Tanvir Mahadi Now For Consultancy.

Fee: 2,001.00৳